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Muhammad Ather Khurram


Muhammad Ather Khurram is one of the most famous Pakistani journalist, columnist, and political analyst. Born on 4th Feb, 1977, he joined the Journalism in 1992 when he was just 15 years old, he is Gold Medalist in Master of computer Sciences and Master of Business Administration and information technology, during his career he was Editor and Chief Editor of many National Newspapers. He started his Daily “Taqat” as a Chief Editor in 22-12-1992 and monthly magazine “Good Friend”. in 2000 he started another Daily “Masafat” as a Chief Executive and pioneer Editor.

He also served as a Executive Editor of Daily Asas, Daily Lashkar, Daily Ahmul Akhbar, Daily Times of Pakistan, Daily Jang, Daily Samundri News, Daily Muhib e Watan, Daily Sadaqat, Daily Inqilab, Daily Pakistan, Express news and many magazines. he writes columns under titles  “Be Mausami Ghunchay”, “Gar Giran Na Guzray”, “Teer e Neem Kush”.

Ather is author of two famous books, his first book “Azaan Kay Baad” was published in 1998 and second book “Haqeeqat E Mohabbat” was published in 2000. He also published many books as a publisher and promoted many authors. His many articles are reference in foreign Media.

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